Why should I buy instead of Rent?

With rents on the rise and interest rates at historic lows it is possible to own a home for the same amount or less that you pay in rent every month.  When you rent, you send your monthly check to your landlord and that money is gone forever.  But when you own your monthly payments go towards building a nest egg of equity in your home for you and your family over time.  In addition, you may be able to deduct your mortgage loan interest which can give you a larger tax refund.  You'll also be able to enjoy having something that is all yours, a place to call home and make your own.

Can I become a homeowner even if I've had bad credit and do not have a large down payment?

Here at Nola Housing we strive to make the dream of homeownership a reality for all.  We are able to work with all credit profiles and our H.O.M.E. program (Home Ownership Made Easy) was specifically designed to help clients who do not have perfect credit.  Call us today at (504) 488-0707 to find out more!

Is homeownership affordable?

Yes!! With todays low interest rates and our financing programs becoming a homeowner is more affordable than ever before.  Many of our clients mortgage payment was actually lower than what they were paying in monthly rent! 

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